Business Ethics (BSET)


This course addresses the need to understand and practice ethical decision making in business environment. The course works on providing an understanding of philosophical, behavioral and societal aspects of business ethics, thereon linking them to the practical aspects of business activities. The course is designed to help learners view the acts of agents through ethical lens. It is expected that by the end of the course, learners would be inspired to have a relook at the business manager as a moral agent who thinks critically and acts ethically.

Course Objectives

Sensitization: Enhance sensitivity towards ethical issues concerning business organizations.

Conception: Envisage individuals, teams, and organizations as moral agents.

Determination: Learn critical thinking skills for resolving ethical dilemmas in business activities and practices.

Application: Develop expertise in application of ethical and moral principles for building organizations of excellence in terms of their concern for ethics, environment, and society.

Course Content

The course curriculum is divided into two parts: foundational (pre mid-term) and applied (post mid-term). Further, the sessions are divided into six different modules: philosophical, behavioral, societal, functional, professional, and corporate ethics. Details are provided under the heading BSET (Course Outline).